Thursday, December 2, 2010

What could be more fun than planning your new laundry!

Okay, maybe plenty of things could be, but I’m still pretty excited to be designing mine from scratch.

Our current Laundry is very small and dingy and inspiring. There is literally enough space for a sink and the washer/ dryer stacked…with no precious bench space. How can one survive without a function laundry I ask? And how can one be inspired to wash if their laundry is dingy and inspiring? Well these are my current excuses for not keeping on top of the laundry, and I’m stickin to it until I have created a real laundry.

I'm dreaming of a beautiful laundry with natural light, uplifting colours and plenty of functionality.

When we bought our home the side veranda was covered in as a “Queenslander room”. In other words it was a dingy space with astro turf flooring and green shade cloth walls. Not being in line with our design standards we began to pull it down to leave it as a plain veranda but as the Kiddos moved in we realised our home was getting a little crowed. Then Brilliance struck…. What about making this side veranda into a room. Genius huh? We would only need to build walls and flooring and we would have ourselves a brand spank’n new laundry and storage area! Since we have no enclosed garage this would be a lifesaver. This would also mean we could blow out our main bathroom into the old laundry space (see whole floorplan here). My hubby was going to try this himself, but after the disaster that was our new ensuite walls I thought it best to get in a professional. So now I need a plan!

Here is the overview of the space,

It’s only narrow but with the right colours and natural light it will open up.

I’m in love with deep blue walls at the moment, it reminds me of those beautiful days by the beach With blue skies as far as the eye can see. See my heart is pretty set on this colour scheme…..
So now’s the fun bit, how to arrange the laundry. I have become painfully indecisive so have laid out a few options. All include the Washer, Dryer, Sink, chest Freezer, Wine rack and bench space. Have a favourite???


  1. I love the last option <3 can't wait to re do mine!

  2. My fav colour scheme's from your inspiration pics would be the top left and the bottom right .. those colours are timeless and you can always inject colour with cute laundry accessories such as baskets, colourful powder and detergent tins, framed art prints etc etc .. I also like the top right option from the layout's you have designed because i like open space and good flow .. but thats just me .. Daisy xo

  3. I like 1 and 4, I would have 2 overhead cupboards and the rest as shelves. You can cram so much into a cupboard if you need to, and keep all the messy looking things in there so the room still looks neat. Good luck!