Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I was 18, engaged and madly in love. I had been in the workforce for only 9 months and my husband for 4 years, and we had saved our butts off dreaming of buying our first home. So with hope in our eyes and no idea about renovating we set off looking for our home. What we found was an old dingy single storey, 3 bedroom brick home with steep rocks as a backyard, a leaking roof, old brown bathrooms and water damage. It was house we could afford on a lovely street in a quiet north Sydney suburb. We loved it and made a very cheeky offer the very next day…..and got it!

We started painting the very afternoon we moved in ready to make this house a home. The renovations we were attempting were nothing short of massive, but being new to the renovating game we were optimistic. We were convinced we would do everything ourselves and have spent the last Three years painting, tiling, grouting, gyprocking, excavating, building, gardening, rendering and bricklaying in our spare time. We promised ourselves we’d never look back and realise we missed out on life while we were renovating so we kept things fun and took a break if it was becoming so draining- hence the three years and counting! We’d rather dream big then finish early. Plus It’s great to live in the house for a few years before moving rooms to get a feel for your living style.

So here is the master plan………(double click to enlarge).

Luckily we’re about 70% done already. And now’s the fun part playing with colours, picking out benchtops, updating some furniture and planting out our new gardens. We are even contracting builders for our new laundry/ storage space so I can just sit back and design whatever my heart desires.

Can’t wait to update you with our progress and pictures soon !
X H.

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