Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anniversary present…

In a little over 6 weeks Hubby and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. I’m such a woman to be excited for it over a month beforehand but this girls gotta plan ahead. Usually we don’t really do gifts, instead opting for an extravagant dinner at a restaurant in the city but given the craziness that has been this year I thought it would be nice to treat ourselves to a present to be remembered.

The wedding took 6 months of desperate indecision, over-organisation, control freak moments, lots of laugher, a few tears and plenty of cocktails. I obsessed over very little detail down to the shade of white the table clothes would be. I still laugh when I think about how confused and stressed I was picking my flowers as I was scarred I would choose the wrong tone of pink and it wouldn’t match the men’s grey suits and everyone would sit there through the whole ceremony thinking “why on earth did she choose those tones”. Or when spotlight (now affectionately known as Spazlight) ran out of the lace for my invitations I had on hold only to then loose the re-order for it twice- this was of course a national crisis in my mind and I rang every spotlight in NSW looking for it.
…….so getting to the point, what better way to celebrate the second anniversary of our wedding then with a beautiful, coffee table book wedding album.

I’m in the final stretch of finishing the designs so here is a sneak peak of a few of my favourite pages……………


(Photography by Weddings by Wayne)


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! The album looks great. I'm loving your blog, your quilt turned out really lovely, as did your other projects. I look forward to more posts'

  2. Love the album pages, are they a premade album or are you doing them yourself??

  3. tinkster- I'm loving the way the album is turning out too. I'm working on the photos in Photoshop and designing the layouts in InDesign.(I get into a bit of graphic design on the side)

    I just need to find a good quality and well priced printer(if they exist)