Monday, November 1, 2010

Less than eight weeks till Christmas!

I absolutely love Christmas. I love all the decorations, the tree shopping, the shameless baking, the late night gift shopping, the wrapping, the christmas ham and most of all I love the family fun it brings (I know I’m a sap at heart). This year we have the extra blessing of enjoying it with our foster child (and hopefully some of his sisters) so Santa is coming to town!

My love language is gifts of service. I spend months planning gifts and can’t wait for the moment the gift is opened and all that thought and effort put into the gift makes them feel loved and all warm and cosy inside.  The value of the gift rarely translates to the value it will hold for the recipient so I try to get creative and make sure it’s personal. 

My parents are the worst to buy for, if there is anything they want in life they simply buy it so I need to get crafty. My dad is a property investor, so one year I made a monopoly board game from scratch with all the properties he has owned as a momento. Instead of monopoly I named it “Paulopoly”, the figurines represented cars and boats he has owned and the game cards were funny setbacks and victories that will always give him a laugh.

So, it’s time to get cracking and get inspired with gift ideas. I’ve collected a few images from the world wide web to get those creative vibes flowing……………….

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