Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas in a jar!

So I’m officially excited. I’ve done a bit of research to find Christmas gift ieas in a jar or bottle and found some gorgeous ideas! so here is the top 5 super cute homemade christmas in a jar gifts......

1. Cookies in a Jar. I found this from Bakerella- that woman is a genius! They are gorgeous jars filled with ingredients for cookies, all you need to add is egg, butter and vanilla and voila! I was thinking I could do red and green M&Ms and call them “Christmas Cheer Cookies”.
2. Brownies in a jar. Folowing on from the same theme, These are oh so delish! They remind me of those fun sand art bottles I did as a kid, with a much yummier outcome.

3. Classic cocoa in a jar- a simple but cute gift for those who do not bake from getting By on a dime

4. Cupcake in a jar. My mouth waters every time I look at this picture and I dream of how amazing this would taste. Thankyou MyCakies

5. Pie in a jar. Yum, Yum, Yum !  Imagine just a little cream drizzled over this one. OurBestbites – thanks for the cute idea.

6. Liquors. One word LEMONCHELLO. It’s perfect for summer BBQs and has a beautiful Zing to it. You can make it from store bought ingredients or make your own vodka and pick the lemons from your tree. My fav is on the Jamie Oliver website
Picture by berlinswhimsy

7. Preserves. You could always go the good Ol’ fashioned way and make some yummy preserves. Lemon Curd is simple, easy to present and very hard to get wrong. Here is my favourite recipe..
I’m so excited to get into this I’m tempted to make a few of each! Hope to update you all with pictures when I get into it.

These little jars of yummy things are sure to delight!

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  1. I would love to get one of each! They are all such great gift ideas.